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Our goal at Mazas Entertainment is to create thought provoking positive piece of entertainment while promoting new ideas and environmental awareness.

Over the years we have created educational DVD's, music CD's, videos, documentaries, short films and now feature films. However we've taken this one step further. Every product from Mazas Entertainment has a built-in donation going into the second entity of the Mazas Group: The Mazas Children Foundation.

The Mazas Group started in 1995 with Mazas Music. At the time focused on the music aspect of entertainment. In 2007 we incorporated Mazas Entertainment and introduced the visual aspects.

Today, Mazas Entertainment is the high point of the Mazas Group happy triangle with The Mazas Children Foundation on the bottom right corner and the Mazas Summer Camp on the bottom left.

The mission is to financially support the foundation from our profit resulting in one of the most exciting business model ever created, giving right back into society from what we received!

It feels good to work with Mazas Entertainment, knowing that one way or another your investment is going back to the community

Enjoy our site and feel free to contact us with your questions.



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Producing, directing, shooting & editing.
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Putting stories on film is our thing
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