I have been involved with entertainment for many years now but it was only a few years ago that my passion for acting and making videos/movies pushed me to make a business out of it.

The Entertainment business is very intricate and even with all the help you can get, sometimes it seems like every project is impossible. At Mazas Entertainment we make things happen! We have access to talented people who want to make a difference. From cinematographer, director to editor, we get involved in just about anything related to images.

What makes Mazas Entertainment so different is our desire to help. We work with people coming from every field of the image base business, movie producers, directors with years of experience and recently graduated students from film schools. Having access to this kind of "experience range" allow us to offer versatile rates based on what you need. You might have been shooting your own footage but need a pro-editor to cut it and an experienced director to brainstorm it. By working this way you get help where you need it and we keep your cost down.

Mazas Entertainment is currently in the middle of a video production featuring Joie Bratz We're also working on scripts: A trilogy mixing "Medicine Man" with "Indiana Jones" and "Matrix" but Quentin Tarentino's style. A comedy, a science fiction movie and a traditional martial art film titled "The Lost Stick" are also part of our projects. Your challenges become our pride when we solve them. With guys like Roger (resources & relations), Billy (director), Greg (lighting) and many more, we keep the projects going even when nothing seems to happen.

Need music for your movies, commercials, etc, visit our sister business Mazas Music to learn more about our music base business (recording studio services). contact us about your music video, film, commercial, but also for your wedding, youtube video or "memoir footage" or if you'd like to get listed in our resource list. Our mode of payments are as flexible as our rates are: Visa, Master Card, Pay pal, cheques, cash. Financing also available.

We are looking forward to hear from you. 604-716-5347