Mazas music was my first business. It started as "Production NAMA" in the early nineties.

The main element of Mazas Music is our recording studio with a 216sq/ft recording room also called "The Booth". Equipped with a maple drum set, amps, guitars, basses, keyboards, everything required to play most mainstream music styles. On the other side we have a 170sq/ft control room with all the gears necessary to record and produce award winning CD's, DVD's, and music videos. Sleeping facilities, kitchen and a full bathroom complete our all inclusive recording studio.

We believe our soul needs an appropriate atmosphere to really get going. How will you get your guts out if you feel like in a warehouse! Therefore we invested time, energy and thoughts into making the studio a place where it feels good to work on your music for hours and hours. The Booth is like a "Dojo": yellow, wood trims, wood floor, candles are shinning. The perfect place for singing, writing and playing your "katas" for hours. The control room is a copper color inspired from an import tuner design. Race car models and motorcycle posters are dressing the walls. Click on the video on your right, as they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Mazas Music is dedicated to help artists get going. Our flexible rates allows us to get involved with all kinds of projects. Music for film, commercials, CD/demo production are just a few services that we offer. Visit our sister business Mazas Entertainment to learn more about our image base business (videos, films, etc). Mazas Music is people oriented so it goes like this: We only work on interesting projects with interesting people. What this means for you is that your are our first concern. Our commitment is to you and your music

You have a project you'd like to get going, an idea, or a starting point. Maybe you are in the middle of a project stuck in a rut. We are there for you!!! Contact us!!! to get your free MCP (Music Career Plan). The MCP will help you get all the promotional tools in order to put all the chances on you side. Our mode of payments are as flexible as our studio is: Visa, Master Card, Pay pal, cheques, cash. Financing also available.

We are looking forward to hear from you. 604-716-5347